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 About me


My Living Room!

I am not a professional photographer, (attended Art Institute for digital photography), I reckon I am a professional hobbyist/amateur. We all know that it was the hobbyist/amateur that kept photography going, however, I digress.


I am a twenty-year retired Navy Chief. GO NAVY!

I am now fully retired for good!, and I will be spending most of my time traveling around and photo'ing just about everything I see.


I started out in the 70’s in film. I had a Minolta XD-11 and a ton of lenses to play with. I had a VW camper and I and my dog would take off every weekend to find new places and to learn the art of photography. On my website, I have a collection of film that was scanned, and I also have so many more slides to scan before they dissolve with time. One thing about film, it was a slow process that made one slow down and think, with the film being expensive.


Enter around 2005 and I bought my first digital. It was the Olympus E-500 (which I still have). WOW, digital really changed the way I made photos. No more was the waiting on film processing, I also could see what the picture might look like by chimping. What fun.

So, I went through the Olympus E-500, E-510, E-3, E-30, E-5, EM-1 Mk1, EM-1 Mk2 , and now the E-M1X… I really have become accustomed to the “Olympus Way”. For what I do, I have never felt to be at a disadvantage with the four thirds format. And now with MFT, bodies and lenses are smaller and, I feel, better quality, and at a great price too. I also cannot go back to a mirror, I really like the instant feedback on exposure, WYSIWYG!


I have just added a Nikon DF which I plan to use for astrophotography.


My specialty is landscape and wildlife, I also play with macro and night/long photography, I suppose I’ll try any photography out there. Funny thing is that I am also a paranormal investigator for years and my EM's comes in to play on every investigation. I’m really a recorder of the electromagnetic spectrum, sound and visual. I thoroughly enjoy my photographic hobby, it gets me out and away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. I meet new folks who are interesting and some are inquisitive about my hobby.


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