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West Dolomite Mine

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08/24/2019 - So I took a ride out to my favorite desert. I was up on a hill that I got to by dirt road and looked across the valley. I wondered what I was seeing, so I grabbed the big lens and saw a building of sorts. I wondered what it was and how to get there.
So I went back to the paved road and found another dirt road that looked like it could lead to the spot I wanted to get to.
After some heavy 4 wheeling in my 2018 Ford Ecosport with 4wd, I came up to the place. It is the West Dolomite Mine!! This was a mine in the 1950s that mined that tacky rock one would see on roofs across America.
I had to foot travel the last 1/8th of a mile and the following shots tell the story.
I am so amazed at just where my Lil Ecosport will take me. On the way back to the paved road, I thought I was going to tip over, but settled the car and then just crawled over the ruff stuff :)

Did I forget to mention that my Lil Ecosport said 105F degrees

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