My Camera Gear

Just some of the Gear that I use:



OM-D EM1X x2

300mm f4 IS Pro

7-14mm f2.8 Pro

40-150mm f2.8 Pro

12-100mm f4 Pro

8mm f1.8 Fisheye Pro

60mm f2.8 Macro

100-400mm f5-6.3 IS

12mm f2

12-42mm f3.5-5.6EZ

Pen EPL8 Full Spectrum Conversion

Olympus Air A01

LS-P4 Audio Recorder

LS-100 Audio Recorder


Nikon DF

24mm F2.8D

50mm F1.4D

60mm F2.8D Macro

105mm F2.8D Macro

20-35mm F2.8D

35-70mm F2.8D


70-300mmF4.5-5.6E VR

50mm F1.8G

Vintage Film + Many Vintage Lenses:

35mm Format:

Nikon F4

Minolta XD-11

Olympus OM-2S

120 Format:

Olympus Flex Twin Lens Reflex

Minolta Autocord Twin Lens Reflex