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Some of my favorite links

Everything Olympus cameras, past and present

This is where I get my stuff

I always try before I buy the big ticket items

A trusted site for objective views on everything photography!

This is one of my destination planning tools

Bill Caid has an enormouse travel guide with photos

Reviews of every thing photographic

Another travel

planning tool

Check this out! Old popular Photography magazines

ALL my film goes to these folks, never lost a shot yet!

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All about Olympus Products

I have a soft spot for Nikon cameras !

Some great Links for Education, and these are the folks that inspire me to go and "just shoot"

Rob Has many tutorials for the beginner and advanced photographer

Peter is one of my favorites for go to knowledge

Robin has a great style for getting the information across

Red35 has some awesome live sessions for chat and questions

Derek has some of THE most beautiful shots of the British Isles

Daniel says it like it is, great stuff on film photography

David has some great stuff, be it film or digital.

Steve has taught me a lot about film photography

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