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Marshall South Home Trail-head, Anza Borrego State Park

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11/3/2019 - This day I took a drive and went the back way to the desert. I decided to go in to the Blair valley, and found a dirt road that took me to the Marshall South Home trail-head. The road was 3.5 miles. Once I got there, I started up the trail not knowing what I got myself into. I met a couple coming down the mountain, and they said it was a tough hike. I decided to go ahead anyway. Mind you, I’m 65 years old and what a hike! Switchbacks galore and going straight up the mountain. I was going to head back at the halfway point, but my curiosity got the best of me. All told, a 2-hour hike, 800 feet up the mountain, yikes. Think of taking two steps at a time when going up a modern stairs, do that for 800 feet. And mind you, it was north of 95 degrees F. My legs were killing me, but I DID IT!

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