Slab City, Salvation Mountain and the Abandoned warehouse


10/02/2020 - Slab City - This is an amazing place to visit. One would think it is run down, but it is not! Folks live in very old trailer/motor-homes, and decorate all of them with what we call junk. This creates some very interesting art, especially the old Ford pickup COVERED in stuff! Just remember to go in the fall winter, or spring as it gets very got there.


10/02/2020 - Salvation Mountain - This is a cool spot to visit. I believe it is a working church. I did not go in because it was closed at the time.


10/02/2020 - Abandoned warehouse - I have gone past this place multiple times. I decided to stop and take some shots. This has got to be the best tagging art I have ever seen. True tag artists!